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Aachen Interdisciplinary Training Center for Medical Education


The AIXTRA – Aachen Interdisciplinary Training Center for Medical Education – is unique in Germany for offering the possibility to simulate the handling of real medical situations in a maximum care hospital by using state-of-the-art mannequin simulators and state-of-the-art multimedia technology in full-environment facilities.

A unique feature is the large pool of specifically skilled simulation participants for training purposes in situation-adapted high-fidelity scenarios. By being performed in a standardized manner, this kind of simulation training ensures the reproducibility of clinical settings in practice-oriented environments and the validity of scientific analyses.

In addition to many years of experience in planning, conducting and analysing of realistic training simulations, the 18-strong multiprofessional team, including experts from the fields of medicine, medical didactics, nursing science, psychology, health management and epidemiology, impresses with its proven competence in the development of didactic concepts as well as the conception, implementation and evaluation of scientific studies.

AIXTRA is also affiliated to the Center for Medical Simulation, abbreviated CMS, the simulation center of the teaching hospitals of Harvard Medical School, and has already conducted successfully several large research projects – for example European Union projects as “EMuRgency”, “SafePat”, and “Patient”.


Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics


Challenges for Companies

In the future, companies will increasingly have to demonstrate their ability to cooperate and change. The essential potential for this lies in the people working in the company and their work. Both the design of the individual workplace and the integrated and holistic design of work processes play a role in this.

The focus of our research is the human-compatible design and optimization of work systems in development, production and service. Based on innovative, ergonomically optimized forms of human-technology interaction, we promote the competence, knowledge, skills and abilities of employees in complex socio-technical work systems and thus support companies in the implementation of a human-friendly digital transformation. Research into the effects of AI systems on individual expertise, work organization and the human-compatible use of these systems in the workplace with a view to human strain and long-term productivity will become an important task of the IAW – Institut für Arbeitswissenschaft (Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics) – in the coming years.

Together with public research institutions and our partners from industry, we put our research into practice. Large companies benefit from this just as much as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Scientific Tradition and Excellence

As one of the oldest work science research institutions in Germany, our research excellence has a long tradition. Among many other things, the IAW conducted research on self-optimising, socio-technical production networks as part of the DFG Excellence Initiative “Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries”, focusing in particular on the human-friendly system design of cooperative and collaborative robots. Since 2019, the IAW has been dedicated to the upcoming work science-related challenges of increasingly global, agile and networked production in the DFG Cluster of Excellence “Internet of Production”. Our research work is documented in numerous publications and is regularly incorporated into the education of our students.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in our research topics and projects.


LAVAlabs Moving Images


LAVAlabs Moving Images GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative and creative studio for comprehensive communication solutions in the fields of film, advertising and live media. With offices in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Berlin, LAVAlabs offers current and future technologies, state-of-the-art visual effects, as well as animation and digital content production. Creative know-how, our own Research & Development Unit and a network of selected cooperation partners provide the basis for a full service package.




MedAix operates health-oriented therapy and training centers and offers professional advice and support. We use the knowledge, experience and latest findings from sports science, physiotherapy and sports medicine to create a comprehensive health concept according to the individual needs of our patients and customers.

Our physical therapy practices focus on active therapies with an emphasis on back health and the treatment of orthopedic conditions. Our physiotherapists and certified sports scientists work in close contact with treating physicians and regularly consult with each other about the patient's health status during the therapy period.

In our training centers, members can train their strength, endurance and mobility in a health-oriented way, using medical equipment. Due to the individual training program and the constant presence of our qualified staff, optimal training support is guaranteed at all times.




Velamed GmbH is your contact for biomechanical measurement solutions and laboratory planning. We accompany your project from the first idea to the first measurement.

Laboratory planning and installation are carried out according to your individual wishes and possibilities and equipped with the latest biomechanical measurement technology. The spectrum ranges from single systems to fully equipped high-end laboratories.

Your entire laboratory is controlled by a central software in which all components are integrated and synchronized. Kinematics, kinetics and electromyography can be used to record and study movements.

Fields of application are not only science but also questions in the environment of sports, ergonomics or clinic. All biomechanical systems are professionally installed by Velamed. You will then receive a basic introduction to the operation of the systems. In our seminars and workshops you can refresh and deepen your knowledge at any time.

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